Task Management

Manage your projects and your talent in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

Track Projects

Keep a track of all your projects in the most simple way.

Add Members

Add members to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to your team, communicate through task comments and task reminders. Manage task attachments/uploads easily.

Project Templates

Quickly create common projects and related tasks in a click by using project templates.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Startup Suite's inbuilt CRM allows you to manage your clients easily from the time you make contact to them, to the time you wow them with your products and services.


Easily create  project estimates/quotations and send your leads or customers right within Startup Suite.


Create simple and professional invoices that are  downloadable  in the form of PDF documents.


Collect & track payments done by clients with our innovative multi-platform payments module.

Leads & Clients

Manage leads and clients effortlessly. Your team members can be given the rights to manage these aspects.

Human Resource (HR) Management

Manage your human resources with ease. They are the most valuable assets in your organization


When someone is facing a problem, they can raise a ticket for support to have their problem sorted. Admins can assign the tickets to respective department agents.

Leave Management

Employees can apply for their leaves from their panel (Half Day, Single or multiple). The admin can approve or reject the leave applications.

Attendance Management

The attendance module allows employees to clock-in and clock-out, right from their dashboard. The admin can track the attendance of the entire team for any period specified.

Department & Designation Management

Organize your team into departments and give designation roles to each team member.

Integrate With Your Favourite Apps.

Integrate seamlessly with the third-party apps you and your team uses every day.

Leads & Clients
Leads & Clients
Leads & Clients
Leads & Clients
Leads & Clients

Managing Business Has Never Been So Easy.

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